Journey to Self-Exploration

My journey with yoga began when I was tired of the struggle to embody dharma. All my youth, I have been a heady kid. I lived in my head because I felt the external reality was too unsafe to share myself uninhibited. I still feel unsafe but now I know most of it if not everything is my mind’s concoction.

Most of my life until recently, I felt my body was a burden. It has been through lot of abuse and neglect. I felt disconnected from it for various reasons. I will share more in later posts.

Self-care was a foreign concept. It sounded selfish and narcissistic. Today, I feel there is no path forward without taking care of this body, mind and spirit and whatever comes with it. I can’t be an effective help without clearing my judgments and biases.

I was fortunate that a local studio had a free yoga class for beginners one fine Wednesday in March of 2011. It sparked an interest and connected some dots for me. If there was any grace in my life, it was the gift of connecting dots. It kept fueling the hunger and thirst to understand myself since then. My foundation in Buddhist teaching from childhood complemented this path beautifully and activated even more dedication towards it.

This is now my life’s work. 
May I be one of the conditions to your self actualization. 

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