Simplifying life

Attachment to the macro without knowing the nature of micro, aversion to micro without knowing the makeup of macro causes lot of confusion, misunderstanding and pain.

If we take the time to understand zero (0) then, we can move to one and then to two, the duality and so on and on. Without spending time to understand the fundamentals correctly, we cannot build a sound anything.

So first we must understand what this zero is. Whence did one come from?  Where did duality, trinity and the rest of complexity come from? From zero, shyunyata, from emptiness, from the un-manifested space.

This one asked the zero what this one’s responsibility is…and here is the echo.

What am I?

A conscious being

What is my responsibility?

To love and live

What is nature?

A conscious being

What is its responsibility?

To remind me of the trespass of my responsibility

What is again my responsibility?

To love and live

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