Guru – the one who dispels the darkness


My guru bends me

Shapes me

Molds me

Every single day

Every single moment


He doesn’t mince words

He cuts through me

Reminding to

Just Be

Let all masks fall down


Be what the situation demands

Be a slave

Be a master

Be a woman

Be a man

Be a child

Be a refugee

Be a tree

Be a worm

Be a scorpion

And a snake

Be a medicine

Be Sun and Moon

Be the tides and Be the ocean.

Be free


With  nothing to hold on to,

and to settle for.

This form  – this temporary manifestation

Before I know

this breathe will leave this body

without experiencing a single complete moment

Of joy, gratitude, sadness and love.


So today- just be

Just be,

as you are

Identity dropped

Personality dissolved

Just a pure potential





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