Pendom Yoga – Lotus Bliss is a space to do deep soul work.

We all have our stories of how we became who we are today, the web of associations, patterns and habits, identities and personlitiesthat we hold onto fit in. Yet our deepest desires and longings don’t change much. Ultimately, we all want lasting freedom, happiness, health and love.

This entails peeling the layers of conditioning we have gone through all our lives especially those that negatively affects us. The process entails illuminating our shadows, unprocessed feelings, emotions and concepts that bind and bound us in rigidity, dissatisfaction, anger and despair. It entails bringing up what we hide from others and ourselves up on surface onto our consciousness to be processed, reckoned and reconciled with in order for the full healing to happen.

It entails taking responsibility for our feelings and different mental, emotional and physical states instead of feeling powerless by placing blame upon others, institutions and external circumstances. It entails looking at our trespasses of our own integrity, going against our inner voice to please others and to maintain images and to fit in and conform. It entails looking at our wounded inner child, and how through that lens we have assessed this reality in misconceived way.

It entails looking at those acquired prejudices, biases and discrimination and how that has led to disconnection from life and the sacredness of it. This entails looking deeply into how we claim to be for life yet our patterns of living are pro-death and self-sabotaging.

The journey starts with becoming truthful and honest with ourselves. Self-deception is the hardest to cut through from outside. If you cut it yourself with courage, compassion and honesty – the journey unfolds itself naturally, humanely and breathtakingly beautiful.

Yoga is a journey of union, of bridging all these gaps, of all disconnections, of seeing ourselves and reality with clarity so our being is a contribution towards life, love and beauty instead of death and misery.

Work with me at your own risk. I will not mince words. I have the gift and the curse of seeing the under current and shadows. Of course, I will be gentle in helping you uncover these layers, however it is your openness and trust in your own inner wisdom that will ultimately liberate you from the chains that you yourself created into bondage and disempowerment. So, come with curiosity, trust, honesty and courage and you will go a long way.

If you plan to hide from yourself and me – please don’t bother wasting your and my time and resources. I am dedicated and committed to the extend of your deepest desire, willingness and prayer to discover your true nature and release the past.

Come if you are prepared to uncover your bullshit, dive into those bullshit and sort those bullshit and discover the fertile seeds of jewel hidden in those bullshit and use that as compost for your full lotus bloom.

This path is of honoring the mucky mud without which the lotus has no possibility of blooming into beauty at the top.

Welcome to the path of embracing all of you, not the facade, not just the obvious beauty but the seeming ugliness that is the juice and essence of our untapped potential, creativity and compassion. It is in my view impossible to love true whether of self or others without touching, tasting and embracing the so called darkness and the ugliness in ourselves.


Penpa Dolma

Yogi • Culinary Artist • Global Citizen • Activist


When Penpa Dolma was four and half years old, her family fled their home-country of Tibet and crossed the Himalayas to find refuge in India. Finding safety in India, they enrolled Penpa in a boarding school for children of Tibetan refugees. The school, founded by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and his sisters, provided safe space and educational growth for Penpa over the next 14 years.

In her environment, education—both Western and Eastern styles—was a means of supporting the healing of both society and selfAs such, her lessons and experiences were rooted in the nurturing of young people who would grow into globally responsible citizens. Their collective charge was to preserve Tibetan tradition,culture and language, and to use their academic knowledge and Buddhist foundation to better the world through uplifting work.


Today, all of Penpa’s studies and soulwork culminate in the form of teaching/training of alchemy of our pain into wisdom by turning inward, learning to listen with compassion and openness to our deepest pains and dreams. She teaches mindfulness in every walk of our life, on and off the yoga mat into our relationships. She has passion for connecting dots, and generating ideas. She loves to cook and enjoys photography and uses them as vehicles for activism. Based in Arvada, Colorado, she continues to be a student and practitioner of the healing arts and social justice.

Penpa built upon her humble roots and earned her RYT 200 at the Pramanand Yoga Institute of Science and Research in Indore, India. Her certification training emphasized meditation, mindfulness, Ayurveda, and Yoga Therapy.

Prior to that, Penpa diligently pursued and successfully obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology. She has paired those studies with her own intuitive knowledge and her community efforts to facilitate growth and healing through humanitarian work.

On one particularly rewarding project, Penpa’s leadership skills were a critical component of a team effort that changed more than 300 lives for the better. She was part of a small team who worked in tandem with the Indian government and local citizens to build a pipeline that provided clean water to an impoverished village in northern India.

Penpa’s core goal is to facilitate a contemplative transformative practice of self-inquiry through yoga, meditation practice and soul work. She believes the only sustainable way for harmony and peace in the world is through the silent revolution of individual awakening and collaboration. 


These experiences only fueled Penpa’s desire to broaden the impact of her activist work by serving more people. She channeled her energies into the honing of her core skills and interest: Psychology, Philosophy, Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Photography and Culinary Arts.

Yoga Training & Meditative Arts – Penpa credits Dharma, meditation and yoga practices for saving her from losing herself in the single story of a young refugee and poverty. Today, she serves communities, in person and online, by using yoga and meditation to create space for purification, awakening and movement of stagnant, blocked energy and the toxic results of unmanaged stress.

Collaborative Ventures – Penpa is open to partnering with other people and organizations who share her vision of doing work that will positively impact humanity. She is currently part of Innovative Yogis, a collaborative partnership that embodies the yogic principles of ancient traditions, coupled with human-centered use of technology to shift paradigms through a variety of mediums.

She is passionate about creating and supporting an alternative system of all our institutions which values the interconnected existence of all sentient beings with nature and the cosmos. She is dedicated to dismantling all -isms especially the ones within herself. She plays a bridge between the privileged and the underprivileged world having gone through both experiences materially and spiritually. She is passionate about bridging contradictions, of heaven, earth and underground. 


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