Class Descriptions:


Asana is one component of the eight limbs of yoga as taught in raja yoga tradition. These classes are focused more on the physical posture and learning to find a comfortable seat whatever posture one find oneself in. We will focus on alignments by listening to the sensations in the body in order to unwind the physical knots, stiffness, weaknesses that eventually hinders us in adopting a proper meditative posture to sit in stillness. The asana practices help clear energetic blockages of the channels and nadis which affects our vitality, emotions and thinking qualities. It also strengthens and brings relaxation in our bones, muscles, lubricates our connective tissues and joints, brings healthy circulation of blood and lymphatic system. Asana classes with well cued pranayama ( practice of intentional breathing ) calms the nervous system and helps manage stress and unwanted mental and emotional states.



Meditation is a practice to become familiar with ones mind and its many mental habits so the fluctuations don’t unseat us from responding and living sanely in this chaotic world. Through meditation practice, one learns to look inward and stay with the comings and goings instead of being overpowered by the swings to the two extremes. Meditation helps to untie and unwind the mental habits of misconception, misunderstandings, grasping to addictions and pleasure and tendency to be averse to what’s not pleasurable and reject the reality of pain, discomfort, dissatisfaction and sufferings of life. Meditation practice helps rewire the habitual and default neural pathways towards a more responsive and intentional way of mental  and emotional states. Successful practice of meditation leads to calm abiding state in which one can inquire, introspect, contemplate with concentration leading to uncovering of insights, wisdom and connecting with our true nature.

In this class, we will incorporate meditation in asana practice, yoga philosophy as well as practice formal sitting practice.


Soul Work

Soul work is a path for seekers of truth and freedom. When one is on the path of soul work – everything and every one is a mirror and teacher. It is a narrow path of no blame but of embracing all facets of ourselves and others.

It is an intentional uncovering of what’s in the shadow, the under-current energy, unconscious, repressed, neglected, abandoned, rejected and frozen into a state of numbness and addiction. Unprocessed for lifetimes, these unresolved energies run our lives leading us to habits of shame, guilt, criticism, cynicism, resentment, rigidity, prejudices and despair. In many case, because we have not embraced the darkness within us that we are unable to embrace the darkness projected outside.

Soul work is a work of alchemy, of seeing our shadows for what they are – potent wisdom and life force hidden in darkness. It is the home of compassion, wisdom and creativity. It is the house of our deepest prayers, our deepest longings, our deepest and brightest gifts.

Soul work is for longing brave souls who don’t want to waste the the gift of this precious opportunity of being a human to uncover the true potential of this being. This is mostly a lone journey of taking the dive to go underground of our psyche, reconciling the undesired parts of us so that we can see them what they are and allowing wisdom and lightt to illuminate all our darkness and fears.

Soul work is demanding. It requires immense courage, honesty, dedication and longing to wake up from this deep sleep of samsara and confusion.

Soul work is ultimately connecting with your own humanity thereby connecting with the rest. We will dive into individual as well as collective shadows in this session. No topic is off limits here as we look at how we are shaped by patriarchy, white supremacy, racism, sexism, able-ism, privilege, poverty, silence and intersection layers of our interconnectedness.

We will incorporate yogic practices, meditation, deep inquiry and journaling in this session.


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